LAGADAS FARM® at Anuga 2019

We are honored to invite you to visit our stand in Anuga: the world’s largest food fair that takes place biennially in Cologne.

This year’s event, scheduled for Oct. 5-9, marks the 100th anniversary of Anuga and will include commemorative exhibits displaying how so much has changed, as well as stayed the same, since the first exposition was held in 1919 in Stuttgart, Germany.

LAGADAS FARM® is a company that produces pickles, antipasti and Greek traditional delicacies. Our products are handmade, precisely because we care about quality rather than quantity. LAGADAS FARM® sets focus in homemade flavors and dishes, operating in a traditional yet innovative way that does not trade quality for the profit of industrial production.

That is why we strive to retain knowledge and traditional practices alive while we constantly enrich the result by incorporating modern food technology.

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