The Company

With the utmost respect to our culinary heritage and tradition, to the earth and its fruits, to the food and its recipients, we make Stuffed Pickled Vegetables, Pickled Vegetables, & Antipasti.

What makes us stand out on the market?

We grow our own vegetables on our farms. This ensures freshness and top-quality products.

Another factor that makes us unique is that we choose to not use machines, thus all the production is done by hand.

The result of this choice is that each jar is unique; it includes the creativity of our staff. Other companies over the years have tried to duplicate our secret recipe/process.

This is a testament to our superior products, and we take every attempt as a complement to our quality!


Others may try, but our Pickled Products are the best and we are what others are compared to.

Our products are available in 3 different pack sizes, suitable for retail and HO.RE.CA.

Our motto «The Best Pickled products that money can buy» is an affirmation of our belief that we make the best pickled products on the market today.



Specialist Awards 2019

Bronze Award

Bread Butter Pickles


Specialist Awards 2021

Silver Award

Green Pepper with feta & caramelized leek


Specialist Awards 2021

Bronze Award


Following tradition that has passed from generation to generation,
we are proud to deliver products
that carry their own identity.


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