Stuffed green tomato

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  • Stuffed green tomato. Just as beautiful on the outside as it tastes on the inside! The stuffed green tomato with the pickled vegetable filling tastes just as heavenly on its own as it does inside or aside of a renowned gyro dish! Try it and let us know!

Our Stuffed Green Tomatoes are yet another innovate Lagadas Farm product filled with various chopped pickled vegetables. With the addition of the appropriate herbs, we have created a product rich in flavor that surely impresses our eclectic foodies.

500 ml glass jar

  • Flavour: spice , characteristic of pickled vegetables
  • Consumer instractions: ready for use, served with olive oil, after  opening keep in the refrigerator for two weeks
  • 18 jars / carton
  • Stored in room temperature

 4 kg plastic bucket

  • 2 buckets / carton
  • Stored in room temperature