Stuffed Florinis pepper

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  • Florinis peppers are famous for a reason: they are delicious with a distinct taste. They are stuffed with a selection of tasty veggies. They could be an excellent side dish for your main meal, whether it is a handmade hamburger, tacos or a smoked salmon fillet.

Our exclusively handmade Stuffed Florinis Peppers are cut on the top part and filled with a choice of chopped pickled vegetables such as cabbage, red and green peppers, carrots and celery. A tasty leaf cabbage substitutes the pepper’s lid and holds the filling together. The last touch of our exclusive Florinis Pepper is the thin stalk of celery that decorates it makes it look like a present. both for your palette as it does for your sight!

500 ml glass jar

  • Flavour: spice , characteristic of pickled vegetables
  • Consumer instractions: ready for use, served with olive oil, after opening keep in the refrigerator for two weeks
  • 18 jars / carton
  • Stored in room temperature

 4 kg plastic bucket

  • 2 buckets / carton
  • Stored in room temperature