Stuffed baby eggplant

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  • It is grown in our Farm’s blessed fields as most of our veggies do. Our baby eggplant tastes like heaven and along with its delicious stuffing- cabbage, carrot, red pepper, parsley and garlic- it will definitely satisfy your palette while you enjoy a low calorie, healthy meal.

Stuffed eggplants are the most traditional pickles in Greece. Our grandmothers and their grandmothers have been making this delicate pickle to accompany the winter meals and Lagadas Farm has a long and proud tradition of producing this exquisite product.

So, we pick the best eggplants from our harvest, cut the stems and put them in barrels of brine. When the fermented product is ready, we carefully slit it in the middle and fill it with pickled our pickled vegetables and a special blend of spices. Finally, we put a piece of red pepper over the slot to hold it together and tie it carefully with a fine celery stalk.
It is now ready for you to enjoy culinary tradition!

500 ml glass jar

  • Flavour: spice , characteristic of pickled vegetables
  • Consumer instractions: ready for use, served with olive oil, after opening keep in the refrigerator for two weeks
  • 18 jars / carton
  • Stored in room temperature

 4 kg plastic bucket

  • 2 buckets / carton
  • Stored in room temperature